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Afterschool Adventures

Kidz Sports

Available in fall, winter and spring
6 week session


KidZ Sports—It’s all about basketball
KidZ Sports is excited to bring basketball skills and drills back to the schools courts this winter. Want to try basketball for the first time? Or do you want extra practice to improve basic basketball techniques and performance? KidZ Sports incorporates a variety of activities that improves overall fitness, agility, teamwork and confidence—keeping kids active after school.

Kidz Sports starts right after school and runs until 5:00 PM.

KidZ Sports Winter/Spring Schedule
School Day Feb Mar Apr May
ESS Tuesday 7,14,28 7,14,21 --- ---
Barnard Wednesday 8,15,22 1,8,15 --- ---
Hazardville Monday 6,13,27 6,13,20 --- ---
Crandall Monday --- --- 3,17,24 1,8,15
Hale Wednesday --- --- 5,19 3,10,17,24
Parkman Friday --- --- 7,21,28 5,12,19
Whitney Tuesday --- --- 4,18,25 2,9,16


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4 & 6 week sessions


K-2 Schools: Come play with JumpingClay!
Students will make their own pencil topper, keychain or zipper pull, silly craft and holiday craft using JumpingClay while learning about basic shapes and color mixing. Since JumpingClay is air-drying, students will bring home a new craft each week. Our workshop provides step-by-step instruction and assistance by trained instructors while encouraging creative self expression and building confidence. Beginners welcome!

Parkman School: Clay to Win!
Design your own Game Board with JumpingClay!! JumpingClay Instructors will guide students through the design and crafting of the game board and playing pieces over a period of 6 weeks. Students will learn about color mixing, basic shapes, and how to use Jumping Bubbles while creating entertainment for family game night!! JumpingClay is an air-drying polymer clay that is 100% safe and non-toxic. Beginners are welcome, but all participants must be ready to work creatively and independently.

School Day Jan Feb Mar
Hale (4-wk) Tuesday 24,31 7,14 ---
Barnard (4-wk) Thursday --- 23 2,9,16
Enfield Street (4-wk) Monday --- --- 6,13,20,27
Hazardville (4-wk) Tuesday --- --- 7,14,21,28
Parkman (6-wks) Wednesday 25 1,8,15,22 1


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KidZ Write

9 week session


 KidZ Write—Become a published author
Love writing and drawing? In KidZ Write, students learn what it takes to become published authors! Working as a team, with locally published author, J. Monkeys, students work to conceive, develop, write, and illustrate a book that will be published. Each student will receive a copy of the book and share their books and experiences at a showcase event at the end of the session. Their published book will also be available for purchase on!

Students enrolled in KidZ Write develop their writing skills in a fun, creative, and energized environment. KidZ Write fosters creativity in kids to develop an even greater interest in writing. 

KidZ Write starts right after school until 4:15 at Whitney and Crandall and 4:30 at ESS, Hale, Hazardville and Barnard


School Day Feb Mar Apr
Barnard Tuesday 28 7,14,21,28 4,18,25, 5/23
Enfield Street Thursday --- 2,9,16,23,30 6,20,27 5/25
Crandall Friday --- 3,10,17,24,31 7,21,28,  5/26



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6 week session

IncrediFlix--Stop-Motion Filmmaking
New to the Afterschool Adventures! IncrediFlix engages students in imagination and expression through the world of filmmaking and multimedia production. Students create special effects with stop-motion characters. Some of these effects include making fire, water ripple and flying characters. Come learn how stop-motion movie magic is made!

IncrediFlix will start at 3:30 PM and end at 5:00 PM.

We're sorry, but this program is cancelled for Spring 2017.  Look for it's return in the Fall of 2017.

School Day Jan Feb

IncrediFlex Register

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Mad Science
8 week session


Mad Science of Western New England has created a vast library of unique after school programs. The spectacular demonstrations, hands-on activities, and real world discussions make learning about science fun for kids!

Mad Science This 8 Week STEM After-School Program allows kids to step into the shoes of an engineer! Using LEGO bricks, build a different engineering-themed project in each class. Explore engineering fields including mechanical, structural, aerospace, nautical, and bioengineering. Use critical thinking, cooperation, and creative problem-solving to test and improve creations. Experience extended learning with a take home toy to reinforce each concept. 

Click on the button for on-line registration.  Once on the registration page, use the "City" pull-down at the top of the page to select Enfield

School Day Feb Mar Apr May
Barnard Monday 27 6,13,20,27 3,17,24 ---
Hale Tuesday 28 7,14,21,28 4,18,25 ---
Enfield ST. Wednesday --- 1,8,15,22 5,19 3,10
Hazardville Thursday --- 2,9,16,23,30 6,20,27 ---

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